Pit & Fissure Sealant, Light Cure - 3 x 2g Syringe / 2ml Etch

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MEDENTAL Pit and Fissure sealant is a BIS_GMA based sealant resin formulated specifically for the sealing of small fissures, pits and occlusal surfaces for the purpose of caries prevention.


  • The flowable sealants have thixotropic effects making them excellent for penetration into the tight adaptations with high bond strength to the Fully synthetic cleaning product for cleansing and high-gloss polish of plastic artificial dentition
  • Aesthetically upgrades the presentation of your prosthetic works
  • For the removal of polishing agent and monomer residues from prosthetic work
  • Spray on and leave for a short while before wiping off with a soft cloth
  • Pleasant flavour: mintwearing resistance
  • Pink colour changing into white opaque to ensure correct curing
  • Fluoride release


3 Syringes  x 2g

1 Syringe of Etchant x 2g

8 Plastic tips