Aquapick AQ-350

Aquapick AQ-350

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Dental needles

Dental needles (box of 100 needles) Price:Rs275

Innovative Dental Needles that fit both inch and metric type syringes.
Alwings Dental Needles:
• are silicon coated
• have a triple bevel cut
• have a universal screw-in system that works with both inch-type and metric-type syringes
• are available in 21mm and 35mm
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Ear-loop Face Mask

Ear-loop Face Mask (3-layer, Pleated)

Rs275 (box of 50)
Available in blue and green
Size: 17.5cm X 9.5cm.
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Sterilization Pouches

Package: 200pcs/box
Available in the following sizes:
• 90 x 260mm – Rs425
• 135 x 285mm – Rs650
• 190 x 360mm - Rs1300
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Dental Napkins

Dental Napkins (2-PLY TISSUE W/1-PLY POLY)

Price: Rs850 (box of 500)
Available in the following colours:
Light blue, teal, green, yellow,orange & mauve
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Disposable Saliva Ejector

Price: Rs130 (bag of 100)
Available in the following colours:
• Clear tube with clear tip
• Blue tube with clear tip
• Green tube with clear tip
• Red tube with clear tip
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Cotton Roll

Price: Rs275
Available in #1 (750pcs) & #2 (600pcs)

100% cotton made. Non-sterile.
Highly absorbable and maintain the shape when wet.
NO cellulose or rayon fibers. Latex free.
Non-linting. Will not adhere to mucous membrane.
Suitable for a large number of dental procedures due to minimal irritation and easy removal.
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Micro Applicators

Price: Rs175 (box of 100)
Available in Regular, Fine & Ultra-fine

Non-Linting Fibers
Easily Bendable Stiff Tip. Simplify application for procedures of bonding,
cavity lining, etching, fluoride varnishing, hemostatic and sealants etc.
To give dentist maximum control of their procedures.
Package: 100pcs/box.
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Endo Foam

Price: Rs400 (bag of 50)

Endo Foam inserts are used to hold files and keep them handy for use
during a root canal procedure. The blue inserts are round and have a
diameter of 65mm. These inserts are disposable and fit in the round
endo file stands and are also compatible with CMA Endo-Clean holder.
So, no more hooking of instruments and risk of stings!
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Retainer Box

Price: Rs45
Colours available: Beige, Light Blue, Light Pink & White

These denture boxes are made of sturdy plastic to protect mouthguards, retainers,
bleaching trays and splints from bacteria or breakage. They are lightweight and have
secure latching system to ensure maximum protection. Ideal for patients with removable
appliances. Available in various sizes and shapes for different use.
Package: 12pcs/box, Size Small, inside depth 1.06’’
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Handpiece CX207-F (LED Light)

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Dental Dam

Dental Dam Latex Green (36) : Rs775
Dental Dam Non-Latex (20) : Rs995
• Ensures patients’ cheeks, tongue, lips and gingivae are isolated. PROPERTIES
• Pre-cut dental dams
• Lightly powdered.
• Pleasant smell
• Dimensions: 15 x 15cm.
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Turboflex: Soft Fast Set Putty (2 x 250ml / 400g)

Turboflex silicones consistency is suited to the 'wash technique' and to double mixing.
Turboflex has quite a long working time followed by a very short setting time.
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Turboflex High Precision

Turboflex High Precision - Light Fast Set (Addition Silicone)

Addition Silicone (Vinylpolysiloxane) for high precision impressions
Enhanced precision and lower risks of voids forming due to the presence of saliva.
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Turbosil Putty (900ml)

Condensation cured silicone putty for all two-step impressions.
• High viscosity.
• Flows easily to ensure perfect cohesion of the putty to the light body wash.
during the double mixing technique...
• Eliminates compression of oral tissue.
• Precise reproduction of details.
• Lemon aroma - blue putty.
• Tub 900ml (1.5kg)
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Turbosil Catalyst Paste (40ml)

Chemical paste which accelerates the hardening of the putty and light.
Easy to measure out, absolute versatility of use.
Turbosil Catalyst is non-irritant and can be used without gloves during mixing.
Furthermore, it does not cause • Tube 140ml (36g)
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Turbosil Light (140ml)

Condensation curing polysiloxane silicone of low viscosity.
• The Turbosil Light is used to correct the initial impressions
• It is advisable to use the light with the putty
• Colour: Yellow
• No taste
• 140ml Tube
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Turbosil Mixing Pad

• Graduated mixing pad ideal for mixing condensation cured impression materials
• R&S Turbosil mixing pads - 25 Sheet/Book
• Dimensions: 19X9.8 cm
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Turboprint Class A (500g)

• Turboprint A is extraordinarily precise, mixes easily and has a homogenous consistency.
• It gives impressions of excellent quality.
• Reproduces detail to 25µm
• Mixing time: 30 seconds
• Setting time: 60 seconds
• Mint flavour
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Turboprint Chroma Alginate

Turboprint Chroma Alginate - 500g

Fast setting, dust free, colour changing dental alginate.
Turboprint Chroma alginate changes colour (fuchsia-orange-yellow)
during the different phases of work to indicate its setting time and a
pleasant tropical flavour makes it the perfect alginate for children
• Mixing time: 45 seconds
• Setting time: 60 seconds
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Turboprint Ortho Alginate

Turboprint Ortho Alginate - 500g

Fast-setting orthodontic dental alginate.

Type 1, class B, dust-free and extremely fast,
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